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(حقارة) بالإنجليزي

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شرّفني الصديق العزيز الكاتب الصحفي المُتميِّز المُقيم بأستراليا الأستاذ محمد عثمان إبراهيم بترجمة هذا المقال، بغرض تعميمه خارح النطاق المحلي، فقد رأى فيه -مشكوراً على حُسن ظنه- ما هو جديرٌ بذلك.



‏Absolute Disdain

‏Diaa Eldin Bilal



‏This is what Foreign Policy, the magazine with the informed sources from the US intelligence community, had to report:


‏US Secretary of State Pompeo grabbed his phone as he sat with Sudanese Prime Minister Dr. Abdullah Hamdok.


‏Puffed up with conceit and arrogance, Pompeo asked Hamdok to speak with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.


‏Hamdok declined the sudden provocative request and resorted to justifying his abstention, accompanied by reproach, in the forefront of which: the normalization file is outside of the transitional period mandate.



‏Pompeo’s failed mission to impose the normalization of the Khartoum-Tel Aviv relations and the reckless behaviour that is inappropriate for diplomatic norms illustrates the despair of Trump’s electoral position.

‏The COVID19 pandemic, the consequential economic crises, and the crisis mismanagement weakened Trump’s fortunes contrary to Biden’s expanding opportunities.


‏Trump is cutting his teeth to gain the support of the Zionist lobby in America and is eagerly trying to buy that by bringing a number of Arab countries within the confines of normalization with Israel.



‏Confirmed information reports that the decision to remove Sudan from the terror list was long ago tabled on Trump’s desk.

‏The Sudanese government clearly stated that it had fulfilled all American prerequisites, the last of which was to pay settlement compensations.


‏Trump postponed his signature on the resolution to ensure Sudan’s engagement in the normalization venture.


‏On the other side of US politics, the Democrats are trying to implicate Sudan in the September bombings case! Potential for other compensations. What an open safe of gold!



‏Trump’s America has a desolate commercial tendency. It wants to take a lot and offer a little, only when it is not able to grab it for free, of course.

‏Sudan’s response to paying undeserved compensation to close the file of the bombing of the two embassies tempted them and increased their appetite for more. The goldmine is defenceless!


‏After a while, the families of the victims of the bombing of the American embassy in Beirut may demand compensation from the Sudanese treasury!


‏The advice of the American Cowboy is blunt: speak softly and ask for what you want while carrying a big stick in your hand.

‏America does not respect but the strong.


‏Sudan is extorted to bear those exorbitant costs even though its participation in these terrorist operations has not been proven!



‏This happens at a time when the United States is superintending negotiations with the Taliban in Doha!


‏The very Taliban that provided safe haven and support to Al Qaeda, and sheltered its leader, Osama bin Laden, until he was assassinated.

‏Pompeo shares seats with Taliban in Doha, wearing a sticky plastic smile on his face!


‏Poor Sudan, with his unproven participation in those operations and Osama Bin Laden was not in its territory during their occurrence, was nonetheless indicted, criminalized, and stalked for compensations.

‏The people of Sudan who revolted against and finally toppled the rule of the Islamists accused of those incidents are knelt down and subdued to pay the compensations from its empty treasury.



‏Once before, I wrote under the title (American Foul Play):

‏Washington, the reconciliatory towards the Taliban, the protector and supporter of Osama bin Laden up to his death, imposes extortions on Khartoum for the payment of consecutive compensations out of coercion and constraint, from the funds of its poverty-stricken pensioners.


‏The matter has now exceeded foul play to absolute disdain!

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